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This familly is a sofware suite builded around CimBase (the CIMEL meteorological database). A separation can be made between the acquisition software and the processing software. Download the documentation about the CimBase organisation.

Always be up-to-date with CIMEL Update
To always use the latest CIMEL software, run regulary CIMEL Update. This tool offers the free update of all CIMEL software (ASTPWin, CimSta, CimMet4, CimTrace...).

Acquisition software Weather stations interrogation and CimBase data adding
Data acquisition and visualization for meteorological weather station
Data acquisition from autonomous acquisition instrument without datalogger

Processing software
CimMet 4 Main data visualization and CimBase administration software. It's a very open software, it's possible to add functionalities to CimMet with processing modules (Plug-in)

CimMet 4
Plugins in CimMet may depend of purchased solution
Processing modules (Plug-in) for CimMet 4
PhytoClim This plug-in, done in collaboration with the INRA (French public organism), allows to validate date graphically. It's possible to control data station by station or to compare the data of several sites on the same graphic.
METAR This module can generate METAR messages used in the airports. The software fills automatically the message fields with the meteorological data (Temperature, air pressure, rain...) and it's then possible to modify the METAR specifying the other meteo phenomenons. The software can send automatically the METAR message at choosen schedule with or without a present observer.
SYNOP Like the METAR module does, this module can produces SYNOP messages.

ImageSite This plug-in can display very quickly and efficiently the three last hours of minute data from a choosen site. This "control panel" is fully configurable.

Other modules Several modules as been developped for special needs. The open CimBase organization will handle many other processing modules in the near future (Modelling software, Statistics, Graphics, ETP...).

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