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Acquisition software for sunphotometers, radiometers, BRDF et radiancemeters. This software includes the following features :

  • Scenario visualization, suppression of bad measurements.
  • K7 and ASCII files exportation
  • Instruments parameters visualization, edition and printing
  • Data transfert on PC serial port or standard MODEM
  • Transmission's history and statistics about the communications
  • Automatic data transfert K7 files and ASCII files merging by period (daily, monthly...)
  • ASTPWin plug-ins management for adding new data process.
  • Palm data transfer.
  • Compatible with Windows 2000 to Windows 7 (32b & 64b)
  • Produced binary files are compatible with ASTP for DOS

This software is also available in French.


Download the documentation
ASTPWin presentation
Document that shows quickly the software features


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Technical support
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